Membership Code Of Conduct

1. Social And Environmental Commitment
  1. Comply with the laws of the Republic of Zimbabwe and operate within the spirit of those laws.
  2. Protect the environment, promote sustainable development and conduct business affairs that are socially responsible.
  3. Make the most effective use and conserve the nation’s natural resources.
  4. Improve energy efficiency, monitor and reduce carbon emissions.
  5. Support the values of the Association’s construction.

2. Regulation And Legislation

All Members are required to comply with all laws to which they are subject, and all industry agreements and governmental requirements, including those of other countries in which their vehicles travel.

3. Ethics And Governance

The Association represents its members on local and international forums which deal with border controls, international transport agreements and legislation, crew visa arrangements, route charges and related expenses, staff conditions of employment, international studies and research, local legislation, etc, which places the Association in a spot watched by outsiders. It becomes the duty of members therefore to protect the image of the Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe as viewed by Regional Governments, Zimbabwe Government, International and Local Stakeholders and All interested Authorities and well as the perception of the general public.
All members therefore are required to conduct their business with the utmost integrity and reliability taking cognizance of the interests of stakeholders and the safety of other road users as well as the general public as follows:

  1. Manage and conduct their affairs according to principles and values of good governance
  2. Maintain high standards of ethics, fairness and professionalism.
  3. Act with integrity at all times and deal fairly, honestly and responsibly with all customers stakeholders.

4. Road Safety And Vehicle Maintenance

Transport business is by nature subject to competition, but it is still mandatory for business to be conducted as safely as possible and in accordance with international best practice as far as it applies to all members as follows:

  1. Ensure that all vehicles remain in a road worthy condition at all times.
  2. Maintain and implement policies and procedures for pre-trip inspections to take corrective action immediately.
  3. Perform regular and preventative maintenance and servicing of vehicles and equipment according to industry and self-regulation standards.

5. Loads
  1. Ensure that loads carried are safe and secure at all times.
  2. Ensure that loads are loads do not exceed maximum permissible axle and vehicle load limits at all times.

6. Operating Efficiency

Members are urged to strive to maintain high standards of operating efficiency through the optimal use of resources, cost reduction and fuel efficiencies.

7. Members’ Employees

Members are urged to provide continuous training and development to all their employees and strive to provide for their welfare.

8. Quality of Members’ Drivers

The of issue road safety, accident prevention and skill is critical in the transport sector and members are required to play their part as follows:

  1. Recruit professional and qualified with valid drivers’ licences at all times.
  2. Ensure that drivers have the necessary competences, skill and experience to drive the vehicle and loads assigned to them.
  3. Continuously train and develop drivers to meet the needs of changing technology.
  4. Adhere to driver hours and resting periods as prescribed in the relevant legislation.

9. Commitment To The Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe

It is a condition of membership that all members undertake to comply with this code of conduct as follows:

  1. The member shall respond to all complaints forwarded by the Association within fourteen (14) days.
  2. b) The member shall conduct her/himself in a manner that will uphold the good standing and reputation of The Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe.
  3. The member WILL NOT misuse his office within the TOAZ for personal gain.
  4. The member WILL NOT make public statements on behalf of the TOAZ without the authority of the Association’s Executive Committee.
  5. The member WILL NOT represent the TOAZ in any manner without the approval of the Association’s Executive Committee
  6. The member WILL NOT bring the Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe into disrepute.
  7. The member Shall Pay His/hers Membership Subscriptions on time to support the Association’s endeavors in the maintenance of its financial viability, the stability of its operations and the resultant quality of services offered to members therefore.

10. Undertaking

I, the undersigned, am duly authorized to acquire this membership and agree with the conditions set out.

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